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Is It Better To Repaint My Kitchen Cabinets or Purchase New Ones?

When the time comes to give your kitchen a fresh look, one of the first things you might consider is what to do with your cabinets.

The question of whether to repaint your kitchen cabinets or purchase new ones is a dilemma many homeowners face.

As someone who's gone through both processes, I'd love to share my opinion and help you decide the right decision for you!


Should you stain or paint your kitchen cabinets?

The decision to stain or paint your kitchen cabinets can dramatically affect the look and feel of your kitchen. Painting cabinets can brighten up the space and give it a modern look, while staining can enhance the natural beauty of wood cabinets. Honestly it really depends on the condition of the cabinet and if they have already been stained before

However, it's important to consider the type of material your cabinets are made of. Some materials take paint better than others, and the existing finish on your cabinets may affect the final result. But before you decide to paint the cabinets, it's a good idea to consult with a professional or do some research before-hand.

What Will It Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Cons of painting your kitchen Cabinets




Painting cabinets can be a lengthy process, requiring significant prep work and drying time.

May not last as long

Painted surfaces can chip and wear over time, especially in high-use areas.

Limited by cabinet condition

Damaged or heavily worn cabinets may not look as good painted as new ones would.

Pros of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Increases Home Value

A well-executed paint job can enhance the appeal of your kitchen to potential buyers, potentially increasing home value.

Minimal Disruption

Compared to a full cabinet replacement, painting is less invasive and can be completed quicker, minimizing kitchen downtime.


Painting works on various materials and styles, offering a versatile solution for updating your cabinets.

Should you paint over wood cabinets?

Painting over wood cabinets can breathe new life into your kitchen, transforming it from outdated to modern with just a few coats of paint. If your cabinets are solid wood and in good condition, painting them could be the perfect way to update your kitchen without the expense of buying new cabinets. However, it's essential to prepare the surface properly, including cleaning, sanding, and applying a primer, to ensure the paint adheres well and the finish is smooth.

How long will painted cabinets last?

The durability of painted cabinets can vary, but with proper preparation and high-quality materials, you can expect them to last 5 to 10 years or more. The key factors affecting the durability of the paint job include the quality of the paint, the preparation of the cabinet surfaces, and the usage of the kitchen. High-traffic kitchens might see more wear and tear, but choosing a paint designed for cabinets can help extend their lifespan.

Source: Helixpainting

Why buying new kitchen cabinets is a better long-term investment

Buying new cabinets can be a significant investment, but it also offers several advantages. New cabinets are typically more durable and come with updated features that can make your kitchen more functional. Buying new cabinets give you complete freedom to rearrange your kitchen to whatever fits your kitchen best!

  • Durability and quality: New cabinets are built to last, with materials and craftsmanship that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

  • Customization: Choosing new cabinets allows you to customize the layout, style, and features to match your kitchen perfectly.

  • Increased home value: A kitchen remodel with new cabinets can significantly increase your home's value and appeal to potential buyers.

  • Modern features: New cabinets can include modern conveniences like soft-close doors and drawers, custom storage solutions, and integrated lighting.

Reasons to Buy New Kitchen Cabinets Instead of Painting

Enhanced Durability and Quality

Opportunity for Customization

Ability to Completely Change Kitchen Layout

Access to Modern Features and Conveniences

Increased Home Value and Market Appeal

Better Adaptation to Technology Upgrades

Availability of Warranty and Support

Match with New Appliances and Countertops

Resolution of Any Existing Damage or Wear

Incorporation of Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Materials

Brand-new cabinets allow you to change the kitchen layout

One of the most significant advantages of opting for new cabinets is the flexibility to reconfigure your kitchen layout completely. This is definitely a game-changer if you're looking to improve the functionality and flow of their kitchen space. Whether you're aiming to add an island, increase storage, or create a more open concept, new cabinets can make these dreams a reality.

Source: Gilday


Q: Why should I consider buying new kitchen cabinets instead of painting my current ones?

A: Buying new cabinets offers the chance to upgrade to more durable materials, incorporate modern features, and completely revamp your kitchen layout. It also allows for customization to fit your exact style and needs, potentially increasing your home's value and appeal.

Q: Will new kitchen cabinets increase my home's value more than painting?

A: Yes, generally, new kitchen cabinets can significantly increase your home's value and appeal to potential buyers. They are seen as a substantial upgrade over painted cabinets, especially if you choose high-quality materials and a modern design.

Q: Can new cabinets improve the functionality of my kitchen?

A: Absolutely. New cabinets can be designed to suit your specific storage needs, with options for built-in organizers, pull-out shelves, and other features that make your kitchen more functional and efficient.

Q: Is it more cost-effective to paint or buy new cabinets?

A: Initially, painting can be more cost-effective than buying new cabinets. However, considering the long-term benefits such as durability, increased home value, and enhanced functionality, investing in new cabinets can offer better value over time.

Q: How do I know if my current cabinets are worth painting?

A: Cabinets in good structural condition without significant damage or wear might be good candidates for painting. However, if your cabinets are old, damaged, or don't offer the functionality you need, it might be time to consider replacing them.

For more insights and detailed comparisons, you might find these articles helpful: New Life Painting and Lily Ann Cabinets.

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